How to Read TUK (table)

What is the correct way to read word TA-U which translate to "table" in Khmer? It spelled TA and U. People generally read: TOK. But if you were to read it literally, it should be TA-U.

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Why does Khmer writing need subscripts?

In Unit 2, lesson 14, we introduced Khmer subscripts. Subscripts are used when combining two or more consonants to form a syllable. You might ask why English does not have subscripts and it can combined multiple consonants?

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Learning Online Resource

This page list a collection of material that can be a valuable resource to learning Khmer. We also listed other related link to Khmer Unicode and fonts.

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Digital Representation of Khmer Language

This article is part of the content from "INFORMATION RETRIEVAL FOR KHMER DOCUMENTS: CHALLENGES AND APPROACHES TO WORD SEGMENTATION". This is a thesis paper written by Phylypo Tum on August 2007. This content is from one of the seven chapters, chapter 2, "KHMER OVERVIEW".

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Setting Up Khmer Unicode in Mac OS X

Now you can get Khmer Unicode working on Mac. You can browse webpages with your favorite browser or use word processing with Khmer Unicode. Khmer Unicode works on Mac with fonts designed by Mr. Danh Hong. You will need the Khmer Keyboard driver for typing Khmer.

The downloads are all free. The instruction also shows how to configure Open Office Word to render Khmer Unicode properly and setup keyboard shortcuts.

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