ReanKhmer Curriculum Summary

ReanKhmer has two units. Unit one covers the basics of Khmer alphabet including the dependent vowels and consonants. Unit two covers the consonant subscript, independent vowels, combining the sounds (brokorb), and basic reading.

After completing unit one, students should have a basic understanding the consonant sound. In addition, students would know the different vowels series and how the sound combines with the consonants.


Unit 1

Unit one has 5 chapters. It covers dependent vowels and consonants but not consonant subscripts. We will teach the distinction between Khosak and Akhosak sounds (series 1 and 2). Each chapter covers the following topics.

  1. Chapter 1 has 7 lessons that covers the dependent vowels with Akhosak sound (series one). We introduce a few consonant to make words so that you can remember the vowels.
  2. Chapter 2 introduces all of the Akhosak consonants. This also give you the opportunity to practice the vowels you just learned in chapter 1. Chapter 2 covers 15 consonants in 8 lessons.
  3. Chapter 3 re-introduces the depend vowel again but using Khosak sounds. We introduce a few Khosak consonants to form words with Khosak vowels. In the last lesson of this chapter, we give the opportunity to contrast the Khosak and Akhosak vowel sounds. With this 6 lessons, user should now be able to know the different sounds.
  4. Chapter 4 continues the Khosak sound by introduce all of the 17 Khosak consonants. By the end of this 9 lesson in chapter 4, students should know know all of the consonants and vowels.
  5. Chapter 5 focuses on the sound change between Khosak and Akhosak. We introduce all of the consonants in order. The next two lesson cover the sound change using Bontok Pee and Treysap. Then we contrasts the different series of the consonants. As the bonus lesson, we cover Khmer number. A unique numeral systems.


Unit 2

Unit 2 covers the subscript and prokorb. It will start on the basic reading. After unit 2, you should be able to read basic text. With practice you can further read more sophisticated text. These two units are equivalent to grade 1 in the Khao-I-Dang book.

See detail Unit 2 Lesson Plan.